About Us

About Us

PhilanetAuction is a new discovery on the Polish stamp market. It is a place for Auction Houses, representing their philatelic materials even from very remote places in the world, but also for philatelists, collectors, sellers, and all the Users wanting to share their passion – philately.

The idea of creating PhilanetAuction dates back to 2013 when a need for a service concentrating the world philately arose among many good and renowned collectors and experts from the Polish Philatelists Union. We have used our best efforts to create the most convenient service tailored to their demands.

PhilanetAuction along with the Collections Amateurs Website - Kolekcjon, create a place to buy and sell very good and interesting philatelist items. The website is also the continuation of a great project thanks to which its creators allow the Users to buy philatelist items with a guarantee of safety and quality.

PhilanetAuction is a place where both Polish and international Auction Houses from all over the world present their philatelist items.

PhilatelistAuction is also promoted and recommended by renowned philately experts.

Finally, PhilanetAuction is a place for us, its Users, bound by the passion of collecting stamps not only from Poland but also from all over the world.

PhilanetAuction Team

 We are recommended by the best:

PhilanetAuction will surely become one of the best websites on the Polish philatelist market. It successfully develops and propagates Polish and international philately online. By broadening their offer Auction Houses contribute to increasing their sales, at the same time reaching their East and Central European clients better.

Through PhilanetAuction the Buyers will be able to acquire many novel and good philatelist materials from the world Auction Houses and supply and increase their collections, which will consequently develop the knowledge of their countries’ stamps.

PhilanetAuction is also a place for Auction Houses and their Clients from all over the world who can use the website to buy and sell items with ease and safety.

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