Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get a User name and Password?

Select Members. Register. This gets you started at PhilanetAuction. Fill out the form, select a user name and password, and select which auction firms you would like to bid with.

When the auction firms you selected are notified, they will register you and may send you an email notifying you that you are approved to bid in their auctions. When a firm has active auctions at the site, this should take less than a day. If they don't have auctions going on, you won't be notified until they do.

 To find out your status with an auction firm, just login and follow a link to their auction. At the top of the page you will see your bidding approval status.

 What if I forgot my Password?

Forgot your password? You can request that it be emailed to you.
Still can't login. Send an email to PhilanetAuction

 Where are my sent bids?

Log in and enter: MY ACCOUNT/YOUR BIDS.

 How do I update my profile?

Log in and enter: MY ACCOUNT/EDITION.

Selecting your language?

At the top right corner of the page, on your toolbar, click the dropdown menu to change language.

 What currency is used at PhilanetAuction?

You are bidding in the currency of the Auction Firm. You should see a currency symbol next to the opening price.